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Connected to over 900+ mobile operators worldwide

Threaded Messaging

mTag technology allows you to track multiple conversations with one recipient

Language-support-icon Language Support

Supports both Latin- and non-Latin-based alphabet languages

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing on outbound messages, with inbound messages provided free

Easy Integration

Integration is easy via the Bulletin APS

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24/7 live support available for all services


Bulletin provides SaaS mobile messaging solutions for the 2-way delivery of text messages between computer or web applications, and mobile phones or devices. Bulletin Messenger allows organizations of all sizes to connect with mobile users on any device, anywhere in the world.



Market Size

Mobile messaging is a USD $230 billion business, and it is the most profitable segment of the mobile industry today. SMS acounts for nearly 60% of it's revenue.


Market Trends

sms-graphSMS message revenue in 2014 is projected to grow slightly, but the change in revenue mix is expected to shift dramatically. This should be of great interest to Parallels Automation partners because SMS messaging traffic between businesses and consumers (i.e. application-to-person or person-to-application) is expected to continue to grow much faster than traffic between consumers (i.e. person-to-person).


Bulletin has been in business since 1997 and has over 5,000 customers, including companies like Vodafone, Telecom New Zealand, Virginia Tech, FedEx, Siemens, and Air New Zealand.


Opportunity for PA Partners


Parallels Automation Service Provider Partners can take advantage of this highly profitable business by offering their business customers access to Mobile Messaging-SMS, via Bulletin’s Gold Certified APS Package. It’s the only application the Partners need to resell SMS text messaging as a value-add for their customers.


Messaging Solution


Bulletin Messenger allows organizations of all sizes to send text messages to any SMS-enabled mobile device, anywhere in the world. And with fast, cost-effective messaging, Bulletin Messenger brings threaded, two-way text messaging to your desktop, tablet, and device.

The application, which can be quickly setup and white-labeled, is fully cloud-enabled. It makes perfect business sense for carriers, MNOs, ISPs, MVNOs, MSPs, and hosting providers who wish to grow messaging revenue, and attract or retain business customers.